Here lies

3 October 2014 – 18 July 2023

Shot down in its prime
by the coward
Elon Musk

In its 3,210 days of life, Thresholderbot counted the links in billions of tweets and sent 2,880,496 emails to its 155 brilliant & attractive users.

Wait, what the hell is this?

Thresholderbot was a personal software robot that monitored your Twitter timeline and sent you an email every time it saw a link more than a certain threshold number of times.

Then, Elon Musk bought Twitter and, in a desparate and misguided attempt to drum up revenue to pay back the incredible debt with which Twitter was saddled as part of the purchase, shut down the free API access that allowed Thresholderbot and thousands (millions?) of other useful applications to exist and enrich Twitter's value.

(If you're curious, please take a look at some quick and dirty analysis of the way Twitter's new API pricing would make Thresholderbot prohibitively expensive to operate.)

What now?

We're shutting down the service, but we're not deleting your data.

We'll soon launch a read-only version of Thresholderbot that will allow each user to browse (or download) all of the links that Thresholderbot ever sent them.